BSMA pneumatic telescopic mast

BSMA pneumatic telescopic mast designed and made for luminous in emergency conditions and user can adjustment the angle and height of light that’s they need.

The rate of light and le and height of mast can change in your desire.

This mast can installation on dead load van, and every track.

BSA mast can work 24 hours continuously without adding pressure.

Long distance and wide – range illumination it adopts manual long –distance control with valid distance 400 meters.

Within 120 meters it is available to read newspaper and search all objects around high tempted is made of special hot pressure glass with its transparency as twice as common one.

It characterize high temperature resistance and not easy to break.

Water proof and dustproof. This mast work with barometric pressure

According to your order

You can change the angle of light from 180 to 360

You can change height of mast

You can change weight of mast

You can change measure of light

دکل 3 225x300 BSMA pneumatic telescopic mast

دکل 225x300 BSMA pneumatic telescopic mast

دکل 01 300x263 BSMA pneumatic telescopic mast